presents [Some] Jazz 2 (Compilation)

We said the followup to [some] jazz (download) would be released tomorrow, but this compilation is  perfect for Sunday listening. It actually reminds me of when radio used to program multiple genres in blocks over the course of a day and Sunday mornings were devoted to Jazz.
The first [some] jazz was released to reveal some of the contemporary jazz artists we were listening to and pt2 is more of the same. If you’re feeling the artists, make sure to locate them and download/purchase their music

Savoirfaire Jazz Quartet – A Love Supreme
Soul Sugar – Witch Doctor
Jeff Kearns – Episode 12
Chris Dave – In Her Drum
Aisha Mars – Loops & Spirals feat Madukwu Chinwah
Sean Haefeli Trio – Vulnerability
Jevon Reynolds – Silence
Jasmine Bee Jee – Lack Love
Jose James – Vanguard
Rob Van De Wouw – Better Days
Thundercat – It Really Doesn’t Matter To You
Kaidi Tatham – Organic Juggernaut
The Five Corners Quintet – The Devil Kicks
Miles Bonny Little Sunflower feat Eddie Moore and the Outercircle

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