Deborah Bond – Madam Palindrome

And so it’s finally here, Deborah Bonds new labour of love, Madam Palindrome. To put it simply, I am incredibly impressed and very happy that we have been blessed with such a beautiful artist.

Each and every track on this album is just stunning. Crafted to the best of technical ability as Deborah’s voice melts perfectly into the mix. Check it out and enjoy. It is diamonds.

Buy Madam Palindrome: iTunesCDBaby

Brian Culbertson – On My Mind

I don’t think many people understand the beauty of smooth jazz. Yes, it can be sort of cliche or tacky at times – but mind this, when Brian Culbertson touches a piano it turns into diamonds. Watch and enjoy. This is a learning and breathing experience for everyone.

Deborah Bond – You Are The One

Talk about a classic sound. I might have been born after the original soul wave but this certainly feels authentic. I know my mother could dance to this, so this gets a pass. Deborah Bond will be releasing her sophomore album, Madam Palindrome, July 17th so upon discovering this single, I’m curious to see how her album will sound.

Download HERE

Mndsgn – NoMaps

Stumbled upon this, and damn this ish is fly. Another good album to just sit back and vibe to – summer day type swing. Y’all just have to give this a listen cause your neck might just snap. That being said – open your ears.

JuSoul – Justrumental V0. <3: KitchenLove

Mmm. I love good beats, especially in the morning. Stumbled upon this and damn this right here was definitely made with love. Definitely feeling the soulful influence on these beats, its nostalgic. Check it out and see for yourself, JuSoul’s got style!

Reggie B – Poison Candy (Download)

Okay, I admit. I had this song a month or so before hand. But now it’s released and I can post it, don’t mind me being 4 days late! Hallalujah! Enjoy the free lollipops, just make sure you wake up the next morning. The song, unlike the girl Reggie speaks of, is not poison candy, this ish is actually pretty sweet and sour… With bubblegum on the inside.

Download at Innatesounds Bandcamp!

STROKE.MUSIC – Project Mooncircle

Here’s another relaxing compilation from Project Mooncircle. These cats just stay putting stuff out. This one was put out back in May, but it’s all good. All the beats are pretty dope, and seem to span a little more than hip-hop and into some more eclectic genres. Definitely can zone out to this. You can download it off their bandcamp.

Rahsaan Patterson – 6AM

Okay, this isn’t that new but it hasn’t been posted. It’s my bad, I’m a real big Rahsaan Patterson fan so the fact that I didn’t catch this is on me. Regardless, this track is good. I can hear that Rahsaan is taking some creative risks here but honestly – I like

SABeats – New Era Beattape

My homie SABeats just hit me up, and damn he came through cause this beattape is dope! Almost snapped my neck. You can definitely see his style and experimentation with hiphop.

Download HERE

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