Alice Russell – To Dust

Alice Russell is one of those under-appreciated talents that I have cherished for many, many years. Whether it is her work with Nostalgia 77 or her ground breaking funky collaborations with Quantic, she has always commanded my attention. Her new album To Dust provides new opportunities for old and new fans alike to fall in love with her sound.

The album is essentially a 14-course meal that elegantly delivers substance via solid production and those stalwart vocals that we have all come to know and love. These elements give the album a heavy feeling. Not heavy in the sense that it is dark and depressing, but rather it is deep, dense, and quite rich….like the finest of mahoganies.

My standout tracks are “4 A While”, “Twin Peaks”,“Drink Song Interlude” and “Citizens” (The latter two probably being the two absolute best back-to-back tracks I have heard on a soul/funk album in ages.)

Ms. Russell releases a US-Only version of To Dust on April 30 via Tru Thoughts, which will feature remixes from Let The Machines Do The Work and Typesun. She also kicks off her US To Dust Tour on May 3 (Tour dates found HERE)

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Posted by MightyAndy

Hailing from the Golden State. Raised in a musical household and had an affinity for jazz music since the tender age of 8. I produce music, recently began writing about music, but first and foremost I am a fan of music.
  • I have disagree this album is not what I expected. Its a throwback to early 90’s bait and switch techniques of the music industry, where the album doesn’t sound anything like the first single released. “Twin Peaks” is classic but the album falls flat compared to that song. If Alice Russell would have crafted that album around the sound and feel of that song this album would have been stellar album to have in one’s collection but sadly Alice didn’t.

  • MightyAndy

    That is unfortunate. Twin Peaks has a different vibe than most of the album but you cannot anticipate that one track should/could set the tone for an entire full length album.Twin Peaks actually was not the first single. Heartbreaker was the first single released, followed by Twin Peaks and lastly Let Go. I think that these three songs are the best summary of what the album aims for. It would be foolhardy for Russell to build up an entire album around one song, that would make the whole thing monotonous and each and every song would just be a mimicry of the one prior.