Donn T – Flight of the Donn T (Album Review)

Donn T – Flight of the Donn T (Album Review)

It’s been five years since her debut offering, the Simbad produced Kaleidoscopic. Now, on April 21, Philly singer/songwriter Donn T has just released her sophomore album, Flight of the Donn T, through her own label Victorious and will be distributed by MRI/RED. Not only is Donn T laying down her soulful vocals and infallible pen game on Flight of the Donn T, she can also be credited with co producing the entire project. Her other half (guitarist Jake Morelli) co produced the album with her. I’m a huge advocate of artists remaining as independent as possible.  Flight of the Donn T ticks pretty much every box as the abundantly creative married couple have covered all of the bases between them.

Flight Of The Donn T is a delightful mixed bag of eclecticism. First track, “Last Breath” introduces listeners to the album with the delicate tapping of warm, graceful piano keys and blithe percussion. Donn T’s soulful vocals remain low and measured as the ballsy brass tap eloquently dances across the beat. “I Recognize” tiptoes swiftly away from the serene first track and takes both the tempo and the energy up a notch, with its subtle 60’s retro spirit. If by the second track, you feel as if you’ve gotten the full measure of the project, then the bold, brash rock edges of “Fly” will shake up your sense they way it did mine.  It’s somewhere between an instrumental and a Morelli guitar solo, but doesn’t quite fit into either category. There’s a spectacular guitar intro for approximately the first 50 seconds of the song. Morelli puts his renowned string strumming skills to work and takes center stage before Donn T chimes in with her airy, intermittent chorus chants the only word uttered on the – “Fly”. And it is. Morelli’s stratospheric guitar tells the story of a cosmic love which soars far beyond the clouds.

There are several stand out tracks on this album. Many might already be aware of Donn T’s single “Midnight’.  The visuals for “Midnight” set the blogosphere alight last year. The song tells a familiar tale of exchanging harsh words with a loved one and that horrendous nagging feeling that keeps you wide awake at midnight after all of the unpleasantness.

“You learn your lesson slowly/You know a good thing is so rare to find.
Now you lay you down to sleep/But you know, got one thing on your mind…”

The deeply romantic, “What’s Beautiful” is nothing short of amazing. The single is simply, the purest, most expressive outpouring of a lady head over heels and blessed to be in love.  The entire album is a chronicling of Donn T’s journey from the beginning of her amorous path, its ups and downs, all the way to matrimonial bliss.  Certainly, no return tickets need for this journey. Donn T and Morelli’s union is clearly as solid as this impressive album. It’s worth mentioning that Donn T is the sister of revered drummer Questlove. Donn T has worked with and performed alongside some pretty big names (Amy Winehouse, Common, John Legend) in music, but her inherited background in music and her long history with the industry translates through her persona and music as a complete lacking of ego and a genuine desire to create great music… And that’s what this is. An unquestionably great album. Get It HERE

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