Akua Naru – Miner’s Canary

No matter what the genre, Akua Naru bends it to the will of her musical mastery.
Akua’s poetry flows like a river through the lands of African consciousness, social awareness, self-confidence and love. The dreadlock princess is always majestic, whether barefoot on stage rapping an ode to Tony Morisson in a jazzy mood or calling for African diaspora unity on (Black) & Blues People accompanied by great Louisiana jazz trumpeter Christian Scott. Soul and R&B singers smoothly colors her unique style of hip-hop. Ben L’Oncle Soul from France demonstrates his spiritual soul skills on Fly and together with Cody Chesnutt singing soulful refrains on Canary Dreams, she beautifully uses the story of miner’s canary as a metaphor. Blues is also played on this album with The Dark where she grooves on the bible verse “what goes around in the dark must come to light”. The band is made of a strong rhythm section playing it funky and jazzy with rock and even classical twists on the untitled (Asé) track. The groove on Heard played by the bass is similar to the 2003 rock hit “In the shadows” of the Finnish rock band The Rasmus. They make an atmosphere for each tune by adding layers of violins on soul songs like Mr Brownskin and blazing guitar solos adding to the sensuality of the music. Horns and organs are used on the jazzy parts like The Flight, scratches and samples on the pure hip-hop tracks like Boom Bap Back. Miner’s Canary is masterpiece of poetry and hip-hop soul/jazz music for all afro conscious people.

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Posted by Ben Jamming