Ahmed Sirour – This Would Be a Love Song…If Only I Could Sing

Right on the heels of the annual day of love, Ahmad Sirour releases his sophomore effort entitled This Would Be a Love Song…If Only I Could Sing. Admittedly, the format of the album took a couple of plays to fully appreciate. As the name of the album hints, Sirour does not sing and with the exception of featured songstress Michelle Escoffery, the album is pure spoken word.
Once I settled into the sounds I understood where this album resonates from. From start to finish, This Would Be a Love Song… is pure soul music. Sirour displays his musical talent and ear for solid instrumentation and utilizes it as the foundation for his poetry. Only five tracks long, the album is synoptic of an artist’s endeavor to connect to and entertain their audience.
This Would Be a Love Song… is something straight out of a jazz lounge. Every track is an aquatic groove as the synth and melodies absolutely flow from the speakers washing over the listener. The album is clean and tight as Sirour steps into lesser known territories combining art forms and blazing trails for those brave enough to follow.

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Posted by Mighty Andy