9th Wonder – Farewell To The SoulMan (Bobby Womack Tribute) [Download]

Unless you’re just not that into music or on a self-imposed sabbatical from Social Media, it would have been hard to miss the news about Bobby Womack departing this earthly plane.

The last few years saw him facing several illnesses to include not only prostate cancer but Alzheimer’s disease as well. In the midst of it he still put on the brave face of the Soul Legend he came to be and released an LP that I enjoyed a cut or two from. The more solid testimony to his life will always be immortalized in his past musical works and as great music always  does, there springs inspiration for more music via BLS fave 9th Wonder. 11 tracks of 9th’s beat crafting prowess using Womack samples, including not one but two of my favorites that have ended up on two different Little Brother LP’s.

You should make a point to grab this freebie from the link 9th himself supplied HERE and make sure to take a few moments to dig through some of Womack’s classics HERE.

9th Wonder @ Twitter | Bobby Womack Official

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